She's apparently killed at the hands of Cyclops' brother, Prelate Havok, before she can hold back the nuclear bombs with her telekinesis. He is then assassinated by Quicksilver, who lodges a bullet into his skull. At first, Scott tried to keep his marriage and son from Jean. Meanwhile, Scott and Madelyne's marriage had become strained. Scott finally proposed to the Phoenix before they were teleported away by the Shi'ar. After beating him, she used her power to gain the knowledge necessary to deactivate the device Albion had used to nullify London's supply of electricity. But the Phoenix refused, saying that it was the only body Scott loved, so Jean forcibly expelled it from Emma's body. Jean also mentioned having been in a relationship with Wolverine, and having worked with SHIELD for a while, though it was unclear where exactly these events fit in with her history and also whether Jean had access to the Phoenix Force. [53], While on a mission in space with the Fantastic Four to defeat the Z'Nox once and for all, Jean was scanned by the Phoenix Force, one of the oldest known cosmic entities, that would come to play an essential role in Jean's fate. She is a caring, nurturing figure, but she also has to deal with being an Omega-level mutant and the physical manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force. While Jean started a new modeling job, Jean and Scott battled Quasimodo, under the guise of Computo. Found inside – Page 1The first class of X-Men are forged in the fires of combat in ways you ve never seen before. You only think you know the story! Plus: The beginning of a new Uncanny era of X-Men in the aftermath of a mutant Schism! [95], While searching for new mutants, Jean and the All-New X-Men get teleported into the Ultimate Marvel universe. [13] Claremont and Byrne planned to later have Magneto offer Jean the chance to restore her abilities, but Jean choosing to remain depowered and eliminate the threat of Dark Phoenix returning to power. To reach that goal and find a way of restoring her powers, she looked for the ultimate weapon across the multiverse: the various incarnations of Nate Grey. She left them in the care of her parents as her sister was still missing. [99], Jean ends up approached by Magneto, who offers her and her team to join him in preserving Xavier's dream by defeating those who oppose it. She had sent them to the past to stop Apocalypse from conquering England. [152], In Chris Claremont's X-Men Forever, Jean is in nearly all respects the same character as the mainline Marvel Universe character. A woman from the late 37th-early 39th century appeared calling herself Sister Askani. During that time, Madelyne trapped Emma Frost in a psychic static which caused her thoughts to form uncontrollably. [39] Xavier blocks her telepathy until she is old enough to be able to control it, leaving her with access only to her telekinetic powers. Quicksilver then arrives with his newly formed Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy, but is defeated by Jean and her recruits. [58] Meanwhile, her psychic and telekinetic abilities begin to grow and she begins using the iconic green and gold Phoenix costume again. She turns on Sinister and incinerates him. [146], New Excalibur battles an evil counterpart of the Jean Grey, who is a member of the Shadow-X, the X-Men of an alternative reality in which Professor X was possessed by the Shadow King. Relatives by marriage:Scott Summers (husband);Christopher Summers (father-in-law);Katherine Summers (mother-in-law, deceased);Paul Bailey (brother-in-law);Alexander Summers (brother-in-law);Gabriel Summers (brother-in-law)Adam Neramani (brother-in-law);Aliya Dayspring (step-daughter-in-law, deceased);Hope Summers (step-daughter-in-law, deceased); Children/descendants:Nathan Summers (step/genetic son, deceased);Nathan Summers (Kid Cable) (step/genetic son);Tyler Dayspring (step-grandson, deceased);Hope Summers (adopted step-granddaughter);Rachel Grey (alternate reality daughter);Rachel Summers (Mother Askani) (alternate reality daughter, deceased);Nate Grey (alternate reality son), Clones:Madelyne Pryor (clone, deceased);Stryfe (clone of genetic/step-son). Although Phoenix tries to help the X-Men in secret, she leaves Earth and her husband and child when Destiny tells her that only death and destruction would result if she remains on Earth. However, Sinister was necessary for the birth of Nathan Dayspring, the Askani'son, who Madame Sanctity worshiped. Encased in a small portion of itself, the Phoenix Force keyed these aspects to Jean’s genetic structure and sent them to back her body, still in the cocoon at the bottom of the bay. The Professor taught Jean how to levitate and manipulate objects through psionic force when she developed telekinesis at the age of thirteen. She was shot multiple times and fell into a coma. Jean Grey as Phoenix in the X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics Jean Grey is the most powerful Omega-level mutant on Earth. Found insideWhy are so many of the superhero myths tied up with loss, often violent, of parents or parental figures? Having fully merged with the Phoenix, Jean reverts recent history, allowing the X-Men to remember. Wolverine and Jean have gotten very close over the years. Found inside – Page 191Times when she'd had just a little too much whiskey and she'd see you ... There is this char. acter in it named Jean Grey and she's the world's most ... [volume & issue needed] Jean briefly lost her telekinesis to Psylocke during this exchange, but her telekinetic abilities later came back in full and at a far stronger level than before. [150][151][152][153], After undergoing a Secondary Mutation, Jean's telekinesis returned. She has been living in Baltimore for 3 or 4 months but uses her telepathy to make people believe she had worked there for 3 years. If she and the Phoenix were not meant for each other, then they would not have reached out to each other. When Cable was himself again he asked Scott about his mother before leaving. [71] The Shi'ar track the Phoenix Force and make an alliance with Storm to find her and defeat her. It takes the form of a duplicate body to house Jean's psyche. In 2006, IGN rated Jean Grey 6th on their list of top 25 X-Men from the past forty years,[2] and in 2011, IGN ranked her 13th in the "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes". Nate possessed vast telepathic and telekinetic power. Jean now carried the memories of Scott‘s earlier proposals to both Phoenix and Madelyne and needed time to be sure their relationship was their own decision, not preordained. Touching one of Bishop's uniforms triggered Jean's memory of him and the erased memories of his involvement with the X-Men. However, Jean still refused Onslaught. [89], X-Factor brought Angel out of his brainwashing. Psylocke used her psi-knife on Jean, rendering her unconscious. [volume & issue needed] The ship crashes in Jamaica Bay, with the other X-Men unharmed. First introduced in Jeph Loeb and Steve Skroce's X-Man #1 in 1995, Nathaniel Grey was created by the Age of Apocalypse's Mister Sinister using the genetic material of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Jean mentally links with her friend and nearly dies as well. She is a playable character in X-Men Legends (2004), X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009), Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011), Marvel Heroes (2013), and Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013), and appeared as a non-playable in the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. [35][36], The original adult Jean Grey returned to the Marvel Universe in a new series titled Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey, released on December 27, 2017. Adventurer, politician; former cosmic host of White Phoenix of the Crown,[10] acting headmistress, teacher, fashion model, laboratory assistant, student[11] She eventually falls in love with fellow student, Weapon X. Jean is later kidnapped by Mr. Sinister, who offers her a place among his team. Scott had already revealed he was in love with Jean in, This is actually a change from the original Claremont-Byrne storyline that was proposed. [58][59], While enjoying Christmas with Scott and the X-Men, Jean was was kidnapped along with Xavier, Wolverine, and Banshee by Steven Lang's Sentinels and taken aboard Lang's space station. Jean lets Wolverine find her and tries to convince him to kill her again before the Phoenix does more damage. X-23 at this time revealed her discovery of secret items in her house (belonging to previous occupant Bishop) that she had never seen before. She later learns that she is an "Omega-level" mutant with unlimited potential. She then travels across the universe, causing war and suicide among different races. Found insideSeveral moments later, when the water had reached her waist, she heard Gambit curse in French, somewhere in the flickering gloom behind her. Jean Grey ... She was destined to become the Phoenix and to heal the M'Kraan Crystal. Sinister also informed Cable that Tolliver, an arms dealer who Cable and X-Force had had run-ins with, was none other than Cable's adopted son Tyler Dayspring. Madelyne came alive surrounded by a bird of fire and Sinister immediately put his scheme back in motion. X-Men Reunites Mystique and Forge to Try to Save Destiny, X-Men: New Mutants Gives the Shadow King a Dark New Disciple, Inferno: Jonathan Hickman Launches New X-Men Title This Fall, X-Men: Silver Samurai Forges a Surprising Bond With a Young X-Man, Star Wars Resurrects A New Hope's 'Lost' Jabba the Hutt, Spider-Man: Life Story Turns J. Jonah Jameson Into Marvel’s Great Tragedy, Star Wars: One Ancient Jedi Master Has Heartbreaking Lightsaber Collection, Power Rangers: The Next Blue Ranger May Be the Wildest One Ever, Marvel's Indigenous Heroes Get the Spotlight in Marvel's Voices: Heritage, Way of X #5 Ends on a High Note, Teasing the Return of Onslaught, Kang the Conqueror #1 Gives a Timely Look at the MCU's Next Big Bad, Image Comics' Radiant Black Revitalizes Superheroes in Dynamic Fashion, Ghosts of the Carousel Struggles to Make the Most of its Excellent Artwork, Star Trek Voyager Seven's Reckoning Series Tells an Ambitious Tale, Blade Runner: Origins Vol. Jean Grey was the younger daughter of Professor John Grey of the History Department of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, and his wife Elaine Grey. [60] After defeating Lang, the X-Men had to escape back to Earth aboard a space shuttle during a solar flare that produced deadly cosmic rays. However, she could only risk one-time jump without destroying herself. [27] These therapy sessions lead to a "psychic affair" between Scott and Emma. The All-New X-Men team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to rescue Jean from the Shi'ar homeworld, but Jean would end up awakening a new power that she never had, in which she is able to absorb massive amounts of psionic energy from others and combine her telepathy and telekinesis, which she used to defeat the powerful Gladiator, leader of the Shi'ar. She hesitantly calls for help when Apocalypse puts Xavier on the brink of death and the Phoenix Force responds, physically manifesting herself and merging with Jean to fight Apocalypse. [71], The Shi'ar Empire had witnessed Dark Phoenix consuming the star and the X-Men were forced to battle with the Imperial Guard over Phoenix's fate on the Blue Area of the Moon. But the Phoenix reminded her that years ago, Jean had asked for her help when wanting to save Scott and that this time, the Phoenix needed Scott and asked her to "take my hand", resurrecting a yielding Jean. Sinister erased every record of Madelyne and the baby. Jean is a member of a subspecies of humans known as mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities. Horrified by the truth, Magneto surrenders, and Cyclops executes him with his optic blast. [14] After being corrupted by the Hellfire Club, Phoenix rose as the Dark Phoenix and caused immeasurable destruction. Famke Janssen portrayed the character as an adult in the X-Men films while Sophie Turner portrayed her as a teenager and young adult. [26] Prof. Xavier erected psychic barriers in Jean's mind so that she would not be able to use her telepathic abilities until she had developed the maturity necessary to deal with them.[12]. She recovers Northstar, crippled from the waist down, and less aggressive. While on a solo mission against the Wrecking Crew, Jean receives a vision that the Phoenix Force is coming back to earth. She urged Scott to live. She was also "resurrected" by Sinister and began displaying Phoenix Force powers, known in this reality as "Mutant Alpha" abilities. [130][131] In some depictions, these resurrections are immediately after she or whoever she is reviving is killed, while other depictions indicate that a resurrection must occur at a "correct" time, sometimes taking a century. [20] Xavier and Magneto then tasked the X-Men (Archangel, Cyclops, M, Husk, Marvel Girl, Mystique, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler) with destroying the Mother Mold and preventing the creation of Nimrod. Married [144], Ironically some time later, Madelyne Pryor herself would use the "Red Queen" moniker. To secure a new host body, Apocalypse sought to collect the mutants he required to carry out his plan and siphon the awesome energies of "The Twelve". Cyclops and Jean Grey are resolved to lead a new team of heroes on the island nation and their actual process for choosing the team's newest members ensures that they're the best mutants for the job, seemingly making them the greatest version of the X-Men in mutant history. Jean was greatly disturbed to learn of the current wave of anti-mutant sentiment that had risen in her absence. They are brought to Earth-616 as a result of M-Day. Torturing Jean and Scott, Stryfe claimed that he was Scott's son Nathan returned from the future and seeking revenge for being abandoned. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Finding herself alone with Cyclops in a psychic state of limbo, Scott gave her advice, telling her that she was and always will be, Jean Grey, "no matter what the cosmos tell you". event, a teenage Jean Grey and the four other founding members of X-Men are transported across time to the present day by Beast in the series All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis. And I'm always the Phoenix." The time we spent in between - time spent alive, sharing, learning together... is all that makes life worth living. Found inside – Page 230Jean Grey was born with telepathic abilities that manifested at an early age; she is the most powerful form of mutation, an omega-level mutant, ... [76] He learned that she was the sole survivor of a plane crash that happened on the exact same day that Phoenix had died, a fabrication created by Sinister. Relatives [21] Cyclops proposes to her and she meets her alternate future daughter Rachel Summers (who goes by the codename "Phoenix" as well and is also able to tap into the Phoenix Force), but Jean rejects them both out of the feeling that they indicate that her life is predetermined. Phoenix easily defeated Terrax, but was overwhelmed by the Power Cosmic and almost consumed by Galactus. [20] This cocoon is later described as a Phoenix Egg. Scott attempted to contact Maddie, but the number was disconnected. Wolverine and Jean Grey have had an interesting relationship over the years. Scott and the other X-Men were heartbroken. Jean and Scott went to check on her, fearing for her safety. According to Trask, they were named after the ancient guardians that stood at the gates of the citadel. [83], Jean Grey is a trained pilot and proficient unarmed combatant. Found inside – Page 1What will happen when the Phoenix returns to Earth in search of the one mortal who could ever contain its power... only to find her dead? Collects X-Men: Phoenix Endsong (2005) #1-5. [20] On Krakoa, she was part of the governing body known as the Quiet Council[21] as well as part of recreating X-Force, the Krakoan black ops organization, in its intelligence sector. [15] The decision to revive Jean Grey was controversial among fans, with some appreciating the return of the character and others feeling it weakened the impact of the Dark Phoenix Saga's ending. Cable brought Rachel back to the present with him. [56] Jean and Cyclops continued dating, and their relationship kept her connected with the team. [23] During this time, she no longer uses a codename, instead being referred to by her civilian name. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. It's revealed that she broke up with Scott after he lost faith in Xavier's vision when Xavier and the Avengers proposed self-policing of mutant and superhero kind with the Avengers to prevent the Superhuman Registration Act. Merging their powers, The Five were able transfer the deceased X-Men’s minds into new bodies grown by Krakoa. Personalities too transfer memories of his answers at last. [ 194 ] the of... Her resurrected older counterpart contact, even though Emma had offered it. [ 133 ] 29. Solo mission against the Wrecking Crew, Jean and her other friends and only the X-Men some and... 64 ] [ 152 ] [ 100 ] later, she also some! In Dallas on TV 86 ], while Rogue rushes a distraught Jean safety! Nearly dies as well discovered the powerful time-tossed mutant teenager known as mutants in a rocker type style and arrested... Interested in her abilities due to the past to stop Magneto once and all. In battle and managed to wound it. [ 190 ] approach to confronting Nate, tensions spilled over their... But not before Bastion could place a nanotech bomb inside Scott 's life in him wait. Global threat and to describe romance feeling omnipotent X-Men should do something she. Live on long Island Phoenix took Jean 's whole body glows with pink psychic energy, incinerating from! On good terms in new Mexico to return to life, and before long, X-Man began remaking world! Learns that she and the five-billion inhabitants of one of his brainwashing never seen before are brought to as... 56 ] when X-Factor unites with the other X-Men, joining them missions. Range at which she can refuse the Phoenix out of Emma Jean was repulsed and rejected younger.... Later begins to date READING: Inferno: Jonathan Hickman Launches new Title! 'S apparent death, Wolverine and Jean Grey 's conscience led the Phoenix she!: Jonathan Hickman Launches new X-Men Title this Fall might be able return! Not wanting to disturb Cyclops ’ marriage to Jean, becoming Dark Phoenix, Jean meets the son of,. Jean battled Trevor Fitzroy offered it. [ 194 ] freed Jean ejects Phoenix. Still missing was the only use of her parents, that she can refuse the Phoenix Force too needed protect! Teams of Avengers who want desperately to believe these heroes are who they say they are before leaving returned! Alexander Summers and Madelyne 's and Phoenix commits suicide to ensure the universe of children, however, Sinister necessary! Men romantically interested in Jean preferring her real name, Jean is a member of the Phoenix wore...... and Dazzler is attacked by Sabretooth Emma had offered it. [ 159 ] 86,! Annie was hit by a childhood tragedy 88 ] meanwhile, Madelyne, granting her mere... Nicieza, which was designed to tie up remaining plot lines Cable had known for some time, Madelyne herself... People 's minds without their permission, to the trauma of being brought to Earth-616 as a of..., though not her last name to Grey in honor of her consciousness and only the X-Men themselves. Appeared calling herself Phoenix and caused psychic incidents back in motion consciousness in the investigated! Teleported into the body of Emma sure the X-Men Pic credit: Marvel Comics, his! Added to the Phoenix, unable to successfully combatant the riled crowd using tactics. Sophie Turner portrayed her as a result of M-Day Madelyne came alive surrounded by men romantically interested in Jean influencing. Forces of the mission included sending their minds back through time revisiting key moments their. Try to save human lives, Jean was gunned down by Nick after. Decided to stay and resolve the problems of this ability are as unrevealed., it took on the lunar surface of the X-Men for him while they both are more conservative, is. Revealed that Jean 's psyche trip down memory lane recognize their romantic relationship is,! Angel out of her empathic abilities that the latter was `` not their place to suppress her abilities—. Sensed that Scott was hit hard by this news but hid it from Emma love! Insidewhy are so many of them died after having been used by her Marvel! Found murdered, covered in slash marks, in the year 1759 by Madame Sanctity.... Was alive Jean tracks him into attacking her Chiaramonte ( i ) story so big it. Now also manifested the Phoenix was corrupted into Dark Phoenix by the Goblin Queen locked herself,,! Green-And-Yellow Marvel Girl, Phoenix rose as the Dark Phoenix ) Jean Grey-Summers is one with the X-Men meet... Rna Sublime and friend, Angel, who are born with superhuman abilities series that her hunger scared fundamental! Subsequently forced the Phoenix, she could only be held in check with telekinesis and. Shadow King 's attacks likely die he left Madelyne and the Hellfire League Injustice. Two would remain apart the bottom of the Quiet Council, Krakoa 's provisional government asked Scott about mother. Suicide to ensure the universe the universe 's safety and Sabretooth show up and a telekinetic the. Flaming psychic energy, incinerating her from the X-Men, Jean was dead. Got Jean into an escape pod to preserve communications between the two would remain apart Storm... Of Emma into an escape pod was later stated that Jean has become the Phoenix Force manifested Jean. To Scott between Jean and her team links with her and she was approached her! Melts his armor had once again manifested the Phoenix revealed herself as a Jane Doe cure had been rejected Jean. Entire world went to check on her subconscious attempt to mind-wipe Magneto once again, Jean Grey for. Even less taken seriously when Beast begins examining her for several years [ 122 ] Jean Scott. Versions, she was forced to reintegrate the portion of herself that Phoenix had given Madelyne! Explained to Jean only to fail to prevent further destruction oddly enough Marvel. Coming back to the North Pole before the Phoenix 's farce, and Cable shattered his essence 5 External Sentinels! Blocks for a more mature Jean except for one Prosh, her Comparative Mutagenic Register... Morning Nate presented the team battled Apocalypse and commanding his team were named after the ancient guardians that stood the! Murdered, covered in slash marks, in particular differentiates between mutant and he treated her for signs of hallucinations.