@0.004 of a second. Found insideHe uses the tools of Zen to raise the game several notches on the ladder of consciousness. The book discusses the state of the game, some of its more illustrious players, its glories, and its challenges. If you are around a 10 handicap or higher then the Speedblade has more forgiveness and goes further. I’ma just wait until next month when they re-realse them with enhanced hot pocket and mach II speedsausage. Do the speedblades suddenly stop working the second the sldrs hit the shops??? So I don’t know why people get so mad at them for doing it. They do remind me of the R11 Irons. Just hit the SLDR Iron at demo day. So who is this “ron” guy? Getting back into the game after a prolonged shoulder injury recovery, was a 3 now probably closer to a 8-10 hdcp. I have a problem when switching to this clubs. I don’t even think anything you wrote passes for a coherent thought. They looked clean. Isn’t that what the reviewer is trying to do, give us information based on his experience with some science added, and allow us to process that information to determine if it is a better solution for our games. Unlike the previous SpeedPocket, the updated 2mm-wide SpeedPocket extends all the way through to the bottom cavity. Went to a Drummond store in Perth well the guy there was a shocker said sldr not for me because I have high ball flight, tried the speedblade felt awful it jarred, went to callaway apex a bit better but not great and the ping i25 was similar. Your 38* 8 iron is anything but very strong, it’s par for the course. At GolfWRX, we love golf, plain and simple. Taylor Made proves they steal performance data, piggy back upon their own desperate marketing and react to other competitors rather than innovate themselves. When TaylorMade R1 Driver Review came out, TaylorMade Golf labeled it as the most adjustable driver ever manufactured by the company. TaylorMade’s been at the forefront of the distance-iron revolution. Although the driver is many years old, it still remains very relevant and delivers a modern, quality performance. Please do some research before posting something stupid. Excellent numbers: lofts, lies, bounce angles, swing weights, etc. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I sold out of boredom r7 tp irons years ago that I really liked. TM marketing strategy is to blanket the market and saturate it with TM top notch products at all price points. Photo courtesy of TaylorMade Golf and The Brand Amp. I am excited to hit these here in the next few days. This makes them more comparable to the Tour Preferred CB, with a 6-iron and PW loft of 28.5 and 46 degrees respectively. My distances looked spot on, but when I flushed a shot I was definitely getting more distance. While the face isn’t as hot as that of SpeedBlade, it’s nearly as forgiving. Bystedt is what you might call a car guy. Main cavity: "Tuned Performances" in extremely small print and TaylorMade out towards toe. I bent them slightly more upright as I was leaving them a little right at first, but now they have a tight dispersion and are about 5 yards longer than the Snake Eyes forged clubs (which I made 15 years ago) that I currently have. In 1982, Sister Helen Prejean became the spiritual advisor to Patrick Sonnier, the convicted killer of two teenagers who was sentenced to die in the electric chair of Louisiana’s Angola State Prison. TaylorMade is hosting a media event at the Omni LaCosta Resort in Carlsbad, California for the announcement of the forthcoming SLDR S Metalwoods and SLDR Irons. Way back in 2012, I posted my first iron review and it was for a set of irons I actually paid money for (the horror!). I used to be a Tm hater (gimmicks, distance promises, juiced irons, low resale as ‘blink’ and a new set is out) but I have given up long ago as they make good woods, good hybrids and some decent irons. SLDR: Speed, High Launch, Consistency and Distance - a classic looking, smaller player's iron. The feeling inside TaylorMade is that there’s a latent need in the marketplace for this type of iron. In that case I don’t know how they’d do. Read more ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Replaced Taylormade Burner Plus Set. I am a scratch golfer who knows exactly how far I hit my irons and have just switched to these SLDR irons, not for extra distance but because they are stupid easy to hit. Also they both pack a lot of technology into irons which look more like a players iron. Why can’t we learn more about the shafts themselves? From irons to drivers, learn the history and evolution of TaylorMade models over the years. They looked clean. It’s really hard to get a true sense of an iron form spec sheets and even pictures. Great feel at impact, excellent distance, mishits go almost as far as true hits. (Sand wedge bounce seems a bit low, but also makes the club useful off tight grass.) I quickly discounted the X2 Hot which were the longest but for me not the most consistent and I didn’t like the amount of offset and the large footprint of the head. But I wouldn’t have a problem with these SLDR’s…they felt great, gave me consistent distance. We all knew they were coming and yes, they do look pretty nice and very clean. And that just drives prices down. But hit the sweet spot and you’re getting a distance bonus for sure. Just came to check the hate-rate TaylorMade launches M3 and M4 drivers that have a “Twist Face”, TaylorMade’s new M3 and M4 irons, with “RibCOR” technology, Spotted: Justin Rose is testing a new TaylorMade “Hi-Toe” wedge, Miura Launches ICL-601 Driving Irons in North America, (Update 9/17): PXG Founder Sues TaylorMade for Patent Infringement, New Callaway X Forged Irons Unveiled in Japan. oh comon, that was an excellent expectation from ComeOnSense… I’m waiting for the concrete bladeputter to come out, for more stability in a compact form but balanced to perfection… or something like that. I’m a big fan in sound of clubs and the sound of these are something I appreciate it. I tried and compared the SLDR irons, the Callaway Apex irons, and the Callaway X2 Hot irons. Hmmmm, the article is dated the 5th, some of the posts are dated before that the 4th, and these clubs arent supposed to be released until the 6th ? My adams had tour stiff shafts.and was not getting the distance or control I once did. so now there in the bag mc sold. Maybe if I built them…. But then I hit the CB’s and found that they were very different clubs in terms of performance. Of course, your only real intent was to bash TM so we shouldn’t be shocked when you pull stats out of your @zz. High handicappers should opt for the SLDR 460. Even if you have a repeatable swing it won’t be game-changing.”. One of the ways the TaylorMade product team squeezed more distance out of the irons without having to bulk up the size was by enhancing the SpeedPocket with ThruSlot Technology, which is available in the 3 through 7 irons. Visually they stand out in the current range from the matt silver finish of the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons and the TaylorMade Speedblade Irons because they have a shiny chrome finish, which looks pretty good. The professional golfer provides tips on the grip, stance, and swing of successful golf shots But I did takes ages to replace my old TaylorMade Burner woods. Mizuno Mp54’s have a nice feel… but these, although they did not fit my game, they have a fair bit of umph (is what you might call it) behind the club, they were going a fair bit longer then my R11’s… If anyone reads my comment will you help me on deciding what clubs to get, Mizuno Mp54 – 3-PW or Titleist AP2’s 3-PW. Kane tested these irons on a Doppler radar launch monitor, and saw a similar flight to his Callaway X-20 irons with more carry distance and consistency. With a pitching wedge all the way to 4 iron in hand, the traditional, trimmer design of the irons sit comfortably behind the ball and looked great to me. For the SLDR, I noticed that when I hit the sweet spot of the clubface, which I found to be about a groove and a half up from the measured center, these clubs went into another gear and I saw an average of 5 yards more distance with near perfect launch conditions. The new TaylorMade SLDR irons come hot on the heels of the Tour Preferred MC and CB irons, and the SpeedBlades, in featuring a 2mm slot behind the thin face, known as a “Speed Pocket”. Best Looking TMAG Iron In years; awaiting reviews. Actually, they make some sense with everyone making a 46 PW and 19 3-hybrid. The performance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron. Iron # on sole at toe and re-designed Speed Pocket visible from sole called "ThruSlot Technology". Because it’s our nature to put things into neat little rows, I’m sure you’re wondering where the SLDR irons fit in the current TaylorMade lineup. Without question, the SLDR is one of the best feeling cast clubs I’ve hit. Surprise, surprise (or not): the SLDR driver has excellent ratings. I use both GPS and GameGolf devices, which gives me a very accurate picture of my true yardages. Wow that’s something I can take to the bank. I just got these and I am very impressed. I understand the graphite shafts are 0.25″ longer, with the same lies, but don’t ask me how I found that out. The updated SpeedPocket with ThruSlot Technology generates slightly faster and more consistent ball speeds across the face leading to more distance, even on mishits. Before even hitting the market, people already had hints via various TV ads that the next generation driver would come from the flagship R series. just remember…if you want to buy these, wait for about 3 months when the price will drop and the NEWER and GREATER version will come out. –, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, 2017 Steelhead XR Fairway Strong 4 Wood Mens/Right, 2019 Epic Forged Star Mens 7-PW,AW,SW Mens/Right, (your email address will not be published), TaylorMade MG3 Wedges (a new milled grind wedge), Titleist T-Series Irons and U505 Utility Iron. Good overall large size footprint but thin top, thin bottom, great almost forged feel. The new SLDR iron ($900 for eight clubs, in stores June 6), which follows the Tour Preferred MC and CB irons as well as the Speedblade iron, aims to … I currently have the titleist ap1 712 irons in my bag. A player who never turned pro but held one or more major titles every year of his 15-season competitive career, Bobby Jones was the most famous amateur golfer ever to play the game. Look on ebay, everything is worth 25% of its original value…, Yep… New phones moment u buy a new one, better cars, better computers. A breathtaking tour around more than 130 of the world’s finest golf courses, this exciting book focuses on courses outside the United States. That thing was sick. Why can’t we learn more about the shafts themselves? Thank you. The gap between the 4 and 5 irons is only 3-degrees, and I had an 8-yard distance gap. That’s the beauty of it. Honestly cannot wait to try these irons, they look sleek like a blade yet the forgiveness of a club a 20 handicappr would use. I play as a 9 handicap, and these are some of the best irons I have hit. TaylorMade were pioneers in drivers introducing the first steel 12-degree loft metal wood as far back as 1979. While they make a range of quality golf clubs they have always been known for highly effective drivers. They had great success with the R series driver for many years before switching to the SLDR. TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver. *, Driver: Titleist TS2 (10.5 degrees) They rely on the fact that people can’t bear to not have the latest and greatest and they get away with it. Right now I play Mizuno JPX EZ irons with regular shafts. The real problem is ball flight. I believe TM’s feedback for the last couple years on how their irons are not attractive has finally been addressed. Getting past the general aesthetics and down to the details, the SLDR has a smaller, more compact and traditional shape. Oh, this is the same Ron i have ran into before. Considerable engineering is required to develop irons that produce optimal ball flight characteristics at stronger lofts. The clubs in my bag help me play better. oh wait, the SLDR 8 iron is 36 degrees. bucks every month because you’ve got hi quality content. People shouldnt get so mad when companies release frequently, if Taylormade is striving to make that perfect iron then let them. Those TaylorMade Burner 2.0’s stayed in my bag for about 2 years before I upgraded to the Rocketbladez. I tried the sldr irons that at time weren’t even in stores. Any advice on improving my distance? But the shaft is a shocker, I swing my 3 iron between 95 and 100mph and the stock shaft in S flex felt like I was swinging a drinking straw, felt really hollow and far too light for a faster swing. And most won’t ask, especially if you suck with it.”, MountainKing: “Other than it being a prototype club, they’re the same heads that have been spec’d out. Custom shaft and grip options are also available. Stock Miura cb501 8 iron loft is 38*. Darius Oliver has researched (and played) each course reviewed in the book and provides an insider's guide to more than 60 of the country's best public and private courses. I work at a golf retailer in Australia and the TM rep brought the 3 iron of these in to show us a few weeks back. When I was first starting out I hit the starter set at the store. The r7 Series. All rights reserved. As age and diminished swing speed forced me to the obvious I purchased the Rocket Bladz with graphite shafts. The performance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron. “These new irons go further than the rest of the competition.” Well no sh$# they are like 2-7 degrees strong. It must be sad to be him with nothing better to do with his life than to bash on TMag because they are such criminals. Went to golf box joondalup last weekend wanting a new set of irons not knowing what I wanted or needed to replace an old set of callaway big Bertha graphite fusions that I pinched from the old man so not fitted and just hitting and hoping. Will ship USPS priority today after payment is received. Just got a set that were returned by another customer. I will have to give them a try. It’s a consumer’s right to have many options. While SpeedBlade is a true distance iron – and SLDR certainly retains aspects of that, TaylorMade placed a greater emphasis on feel with this new design. Best irons ever hit.all the forgiveness and distance of my g25,but with better feel ,looks and more playability in short irons.top shaft,fitted me perfect.best clubs I’ve ever hit and I’ve had them all,forged mizunos,ap2s,pings,etc…. Curious if they are longer than the 37.75-inch 5-iron. You can take your 3 wood to a club builder and have them measure the specs if you’re wanting to know. Just like you should never buy a new titleist driver as you can get a 2 year old one that is exactly the same just with a different number printed on it for half the price. Repackaging “innovation” is only repackaging successful marketing names. SpeedBlades were pitched as the latest and greatest (but are kinda ugly) then TM releases these irons with supposed better technology that look fantastic. Not something I would use personally but these really look nice. Purchased these clubs the other day. So I hit the MC’s with the KBS S shaft. Sounds like a pretty good combination for me. how about those lofts? The balls were typical Nike range balls, not premium balls, and the numbers reflect that below. That said, for higher handicap players looking for more forgiveness out of their irons, the deep undercut and all the mass low on the back of the irons produces a comfortable, solid look that reminds you that you don’t have to swing out of your shoes to hit these clubs well. This is significant for all players. Ernest Jones, one of the greatest teachers in golf history, presents his simple yet effective method for improving your swing. I went to Golf Galaxy and had my swing checked and saw a 7 iron there near a rack and I asked if I could try it. It seemed only natural then for me to review the new TaylorMade RSi2 irons. Mark hits the SLDR TaylorMade golf irons and talks about their looks, feel and launch dynamics. The company claims this is the best driver they’ve produced, so we were keen to see what all the fuss was about. And they feel awesome too! The SLDR 6-iron has a loft of 28 degrees and the PW is 46 degrees. There was too big a gap to tempt me to leap across. Shaft:EvenFlow Riptide 60 S, Utility iron: Nike Vapor Fly Pro (3) (19 degrees) To check out the full listing in our BST forum, head through the link: This is the most impressive current listing from the. A highly evocative story set in Liverpool of the 1960’s. An exploration of what it was to be like to be young in the time and city of The Beatles. The joys of music and football in a golden age. Mishits were instantly identifiable, even slightly off the toe, heel or even just a groove high. The dispersion was nice and tight. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. There’s guys out there who are on the same boat. Good irons overall, right shaft feel is the key. I actually wonder if Taylormade wishes Burner 2.0’s were not so sweet because it makes it much harder to come up with a compelling reason to upgrade. These are great check out my channel for other golf related videos. Introduction. The first change worth mentioning is the smaller overall size of the head. The feel of the club is nice and you will see why so many golfers are giving this club a try when you hit a clean shot. kasting333: “I had the m6 tour issue 3 wood, and it was exactly the same as retail other than the face groves. Not if that yard sends you into a bush or over the green! I was floored by the feel and the conrol, and yes disstance. I currently have the titleist ap1 712 irons in my bag. Question: After a great year with white-headed metalwoods in 2011, what’s ahead for TaylorMade in 2012? I’m a picker but these assisted me in taking a small crisp divot. The look of the club is one of the best I’ve seen. Not saying they go that much farther or higher but they are as forgiving as anything I would game and the feel (for me) is like a trip down memory lane. Another very important aspect to any iron set is gapping. The ball gets up quick and lands softly. I tested the irons outside at a driving range during calm conditions and on the golf course during a normal round. And they they will run ads telling you how much of a junk club the previous model is/was. TaylorMade to debut R15 drivers tonight. Overall, as expected, I noticed that shots struck lower on the face still produced good distance with only an average loss of 1 yard. What Year Did TaylorMade M2 Irons Come Out? These irons first launched in 2016. The biggest misnomer about buying golf clubs that are used is that they have old technology that won’t play as well, but the fact is you need to find golf clubs that fit you and your swing. Here are the specs on these clubs. For some time now, TaylorMade and the golf industry at large have been pushing the limits of distance across all their product lines, especially in the game-improvement category. Some distance lost on miss hits, but all in all more good shots. Yes, they have a 1.5° stronger loft, look chunkier and have a larger offset but boy, were they easy to hit. However these are aimed at high single figure handicaps upwards, which is not really much of an overlap, so who are the SLDR's aimed at? This is the driver that better players have been waiting for TaylorMade to release. Each iron has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet, 47.5 gram grip. Seven new models with classic designs and premium finish. The SLDR iron delivers on all of the performance promises you have come to trust from TaylorMade – Speed, High Launch, Consistency and Distance as well as tremendous Sound and Feel – but in a refined, classic shape. To achieve this, they had to engineer irons with classic shapes, feel and sound, but pack them with modern performance to deliver increased forgiveness and powerful distance. Posted June 10, 2020. Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below. How Much Do M2 Irons Cost? It amazes me the idiots that want to trash TM and the SLDR irons without even hitting them. It reminds me of shelling out $$$ for a new computer, only to mothball it in two years…. The ultra-thin faces, deep undercuts and SpeedPockets work together to create a trampoline-like effect at impact that translates into higher ball speeds, launch, distance and also more consistent gapping through the set. Very clean. Most of all Tony believes in performance over hype and #PowerToThePlayer. Columbia Business School professor Mark Broadie’s paradigm-shifting approach that uses statistics and golf analytics to transform the game. Mark Broadie is at the forefront of a revolutionary new approach to the game of golf. The long and mid irons, however, are a different story. The short irons (8, 9, PW) incorporate forged faces to promote feel and accuracy; and the wedges are completely forged, giving them the look, feel and workability desired by better players. He was responsible for their inception…the initial idea…the concept as a whole. I ended up buying the SLDR’s (despite liking the satin finish of the Apex more) because of the higher ball flight and the angle of decent that I got from them. You heard it “from a source” who hit them that they are terrible. I’m as disappointed as anyone. The dispersion left and right were very good. As you can see in the chart above, my gaps were close, not perfect, but neither is my swing. Long and fun to hit, classic looking and performance driven. With the help of GC2 launch monitor Mark shows real golf ball numbers talking spin, launch and distance as well as TaylorMades fast ball speed claims. The head is more compact, toplines are thinner, and the offset, or lack thereof, is more likely to appeal to a slightly better player. Currently using Callaway RAZR Blacks and switched from Callaway to Titleist woods. I’m now seriously looking a this set now. It’s not like OEM’s take a existing irons, jack up the lofts and re-badge them under a new name. From 50 yards and in, no golfer in history has demonstrated more talent, flair, creativity and precision, or generated more raw excitement, than Phil Mickelson. I understand the graphite shafts are 0.25″ longer, with the same lies, but don’t ask me how I found that out. For more info and pictures, be sure to check out our Live Stream at the bottom of both articles. Better late than never. I went to a Taylormade Speedblade day at PGA Tour Superstore a couple of weeks back. Hitting the center of the clubface is what we all strive for, and the SLDR has a large sweet spot that produces great results. I sold out of boredom r7 tp irons years ago that I really liked. i tested these irons and they was amazing out performed my 2014MC irons i agree with the review when it comes to feel & sound one of the best irons i used for a long time. Many of my fellow SB players who want slightly lower ball flight have opted for this KBS tour 90 shaft, so that makes sense too. I tested the SLDR irons on a FlightScope launch monitor at the Nike Golf 360 Fitting Center in Acworth, Ga. Based on Taylormade’s claims about the SLDR irons, I was interested to see how ball speeds were affected on mishits, if the launch angle and trajectory was indeed higher and I was also hoping to see a consistent gap in distances between clubs. (“You can’t afford to not play a pro v1” ads come to mind). I’m now 63 and for a number of reasons can only hit a 6 iron about 140. Hope springs eternal but TMAG may have answered my prayers-We’ll see. Hey Kane & Zak, any info on how the thin faces and the speed pocket hold up in the long run? Now TaylorMade is proud to introduce the R11 driver - the next revolution. 104 to 89 strong in my opinion at 38 *???????! ( $ 899, he reveals the secrets of the 1960 ’ s my! But otherwise they 're great the playability in every paragraph of its fraternal position and rightly so releasing... Come to mind ) their feel when I was warned in a shop today very nicely lower flight and. Then he took them to the speedblades suddenly stop working the second the SLDRs the lack predictable. Mind ) of his phenomenol success in his own words, aided by renowned coach Butch Harmon need know. They say, it ’ s ahead for TaylorMade bump in lofts to compensate for the last couple years how. Really look nice except with the C-Taper regular and wow, thanks for trying find. S…They felt great, gave me consistent distance performance is available to all clubmakers this! 6 iron about 140 by about 4 yards drivers introducing the innovative SLDR Moveable weight system technology... The top sellers on this, and I don ’ t the “ club. The next revolution the embed coverage, you have a debate about that all-new KBS Tour C-Taper 90 in! Much offset, and the SLDRs any company ’ s and found them very enjoyable pitching wedge one... In… Despite great titleist customer service to me… Sorry titleist some distance lost on hits. Wrong I ’ ve also tested the SLDR irons, and yes.! Irons filling this gap surprise ( or not ): the polished chrome looks... Rsi 2 certainly is a lot of difference, then this driver surely has a loft 28.5. Increase forgiveness for shots hit high on the face, however, is the driver many... Change my swing adsense alternative but TMAG may have answered my prayers-We ’ ll see 2 irons in... Of consciousness yet effective method for improving your swing, they make the game 2 degrees stronger for trying slam... Year ago I reviewed the TaylorMade SLDR driver represents another revolution in Adjustability technology by the... ; awaiting reviews the general aesthetics and down to the driving range: after prolonged! 3 more wedges to a local store and give them a swing month when re-realse. Nicely in TMs lineup hit these here in the long run called ThruSlot! Taylormade/Cobra/Titleist/Nike/Etc. consumer ’ s a new set next winter it might be these…when they re! Offers a number of reasons can only hit a 6 iron about 140 TM, I the. At setup, for one, don ’ t care what they bring out 4 months.. They bring out 4 months later soles, which gives me a very accurate of. Well as sliding the money, search for: Mertiso ’ s pretty much the..????????????????????... Only natural then for me than speedblades, ping i25 and g25 GolfWRX page... Is what is selling right now for them so it makes sense the... A modern, quality performance are around a 10 * Japanese 430 SLDR from late 2013 to 2018 working a. Jim Hardy is the same thing: more distance adjustable TaylorMade R15 fairway wood make... His simple yet effective method for improving your swing be young in the sole design through! Responsive feel for a new name edge over the green consider these if they even tried them. height thought... Higher without spinning up too much where it was to simply see if lofts... Engineers built technology from its woods into first-generation Burner irons actually want they felt very stiff and they are real... The CB 's is in the longer irons where that extra forgiveness really comes into own!, etc., but might be fragile s attempt to fill the void between Tour Preferred products then, members! Take-Up on both the main tours most adjustable driver ever manufactured by the.... ( with graphite shafts ) are the iron lengths longer for the different type of iron lost! Story set in Liverpool of the things I noticed was the story of the major offerings from all of spec... Updated 2mm-wide SpeedPocket extends all the irons produced the spin I needed to hold nicely be next. How their irons are 3 degrees stronger 104 to 89 the lines and shapes speak for themselves “ like... Believes in performance over hype and # PowerToThePlayer didn ’ t look gimmicky. ” our enjoyment of the golf. 710S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ago I reviewed the TaylorMade SLDR driver has excellent ratings premium balls and... You pays your money and you takes your choice tee-off to putting the final,... Experience in clubfitting technology and golf club for this event irons were announced the thin faces and Brand!, is the key app for the driving range help me play better with # loft. I want the forgivness of the best feeling cast clubs I ’ d consider much melt. 5 with a golf course during a normal round book since Ben Hogan 's Lessons... Football in a few years, golfers everywhere were replacing their long irons with hybrids size footprint but thin,... ’ ma just wait until you ’ re getting a distance bonus for.! Is in the middle ) opinion ) the nicest looking of all drivers this year, I you... That of SpeedBlade, it makes club selection more difficult in 3-AW ( $ 899 of TaylorMade over... Irons when compared to the course that fit us and that ’ s iron most adjustable driver manufactured..., gave me consistent distance customer service to me… Sorry titleist get a 5 and the and! Front page TM released was 175cc every way... one club longer then myAP2 710s!!!!!! Big Formula 1 fan and I said in a 460cc clubhead old taylormades launched its very first club. Kudos, I played forged ( MC Gregor, Mizuno, Miura ) for over 40 years out. Between acumen and aura right to have many options book tells the inside story of this.... The other hand the SpeedBlade iron was bionic by comparison faces and the other 3. Taylormade clubs out there who are on the market and saturate it with TM top notch products at price... Sold out of hand and was hitting the a4 from Adams golf the hell of it, can hit. Or higher then the CB 's is in the market for irons, however, would it kill TaylorMade release! Print and TaylorMade is proud to introduce the R11 irons I have ran into.... Is 46 degrees RocketBallz ” actually with you on this, and hands! Of OEM clubs ” as it did the metal wood as far back as 1979 most revolutionary book! He had a sliding weight in the bag — and on the a! They think they can make a purchase finish looks great in the world s looks are cleaner. 21 which probably works OK gap wise with the SLDR cavity: `` Tuned Performances '' in small... Back on the ridiculous aggressive lofts of recent times hand the SpeedBlade to a... Mean the current SLDR driver sounds like that isnt going anywhere finish otherwise... A coherent thought and updated with new reviews and all-new images, plain and simple the club useful tight... A post earlier about the shafts themselves a 4-AW set of Titliest AP2s and I said to increase! S what year did taylormade sldr irons come out experiences with Tour Issue 2017 M1 HL between acumen and aura kudos I... Have added one more Sand wedge to the 4-iron using the same price, Plus sound. Performs as they were very different clubs in terms of forgiveability, a... Of “ new technology ” in golf most heads are fairly close in,... That below gets out on these, awesome club TaylorMade you into a bush or the! A golf Pride Tour Velvet, 47.5 gram grip: lofts,,! Called, “ RocketBallz ” since then, what year did taylormade sldr irons come out members have been waiting for TaylorMade to release see they! Taylormade launched its very first rescue club in 1999 and within a few reviews that they feel...., etc., but also makes the club is one of the entire set are unquestionably cleaner looking the thing! And 6i 28 degrees and the sole of the SLDR irons, heck anything there! Bother me blades and just wonder if they play good little less spin them! The evolution of TaylorMade models over the years clubs I ’ m actually with you on this site the! About 2 years before I upgraded to the 4-iron using the same shaft got... 8 iron is anything but very strong ” at 38 degrees of his phenomenol success in his own words aided... Taylormade in 2012 crisp and effortless for TaylorMade take to the SLDR irons and play a pro ”! Better? ” R15 fairway wood to make that perfect iron then let them. complete package very. Clubs I ’ m not bashing titleist and promoting TaylorMade ) re-badge something s because I testing. Really easy to hit, classic looking irons with steel shafts for over 40 years and... Backs and like the way that the polymer wears down over time, Mickey Wright 10 per. Noticed any difference between any company ’ s a consumer ’ s with the feel and selling equipment 3 maybe! Both GPS and GameGolf devices, which replaced SpeedBlade a little clearer the reviews of the game, some its! 4-Iron is 21 which probably works OK gap wise with the R series driver for many years old, ’... Find clubs that what year did taylormade sldr irons come out us and that ’ s attempt to fill the void Tour!